Six Decades of Mechanical Integrity

Six Decades of Mechanical Integrity

Six Decades of Mechanical Integrity

Chuck Becht IV Interview with Inspectioneering

An excerpt from an interview conducted in May 2024 for Inspectioneering. To view full article:.

Could you share your journey and how it led to your role at Becht?

“In 1986, I left Exxon Engineering to join Becht (formerly Becht Engineering Co.), which was founded by my father Charles Becht III in 1964. Our business historically had been focused on light industry and serving local architects and condominium associations. So initially, I focused on building our business in heavy industry in the energy sector — for example, refining — based on the fixed equipment expertise I had. As Becht grew, my role naturally shifted; I no longer provide detailed engineering consulting but am focused more on corporate culture, organization, and strategic opportunities. Despite this, I still enjoy making technical contributions and take pride in offering practical advice.”

Other questions include:

·      Pivotal events, milestones, and technological advancements that you believe have significantly shaped the landscape of mechanical integrity?

·      Insights into the influential figures you’ve encountered and the impact they’ve had on shaping the industry?

·      Elaborate on some of the core challenges that the industry is grappling with, and what strategies or best practices organizations can adopt to navigate them?

·      Future of mechanical integrity? Are there any emerging trends or technologies that you believe will shape the industry in the coming years?

What single piece of advice would you offer to early-career engineers as they progress through their careers?

“My advice is to get involved and take every opportunity to learn. On the cover of a brief autobiography my father wrote, it said, “Something I have learned in life… Success is a matter of constant learning and adjusting.”

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Dr. Becht, Fellow ASME, former Chairman of the ASME B31.3, Process Piping Code, is a recognized authority in pressure vessels, piping, expansion joints, and elevated temperature design. He has more than 40 years of experience in design, design review, analysis, check-out, mechanical integrity, development, troubleshooting, and failure analysis. He has been a member of 14 Codes and Standards committees, five of which he has chaired. He has more than 60 publications including two books (on B31.3 and B31.1 piping) and seven patents and is a frequent speaker and chairman in technical forums. He received the ASME Dedicated Service Award in 2001, the 2009 ASME Pressure Vessel and Piping Medal, the 2014 J. Hall Taylor Medal, and the 2022 ASME B31 Forever Medal for Excellence in Piping. He is CEO of Becht, CEO of Helidex, LLC, and Chairman of Becht Industrial Group.

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Six Decades of Mechanical Integrity

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