Purpose of the Flange Bolt Rules in ASME VIII and ASME III

The partial objective of the ASME Appendices ASME VIII Div.1 Appendix 2, and ASME III Div.1 Appendix XI provide “Rules for Bolted Flange Connections” with ring-type gaskets. One of the rules provided applies to the calculation of the minimum required bolt area. In other words, what should be the minimum combined cross-section area of the […]

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ASME III Appendix F – A Valuable Guide to the Operability Assessment of Piping Systems

The NRC Inspection Manual Chapter 0326 refers to ASME III Appendix F as an acceptable method for the evaluation of “a degradation or nonconformance associated with piping or pipe supports …”. Appendix F provides five alternative methods for the qualification of pressure equipment, piping, and their supports. They are: (1) elastic analysis, (2) plastic analysis, (3) limit collapse analysis, […]

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