Critical Mass Duration for Process Outages

Avoid This Surprise When Determining How Long Your Next Process Outage Will Take Continuous processing or manufacturing facilities will occasionally require planned outages to primarily address reliability or maintenance issues.  Due to the high cost of these outages (opportunity and real), careful planning and scheduling practices are used to come up with detailed execution plans […]

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A Love Hate Relationship with Turnarounds (FMEA for Critical Path)

I LOVE Turnarounds!  The excitement – The planning – The organizationOne major focus with a million minor tasks that consume you for at least 12 hours a day (or night) As in the movie “Apocalypse Now” with Robert Duval as Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore, delivers the classic line “I love the smell of napalm in the morning,” […]

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Is Your Execution Contractor Ready for the Turnaround?

In our experience as Turnaround Readiness reviewers and participating in lessons learned events, owners who pay close attention to contractor readiness end up with better turnaround performance.  While this seems an obvious observation, the details which emerge from lessons learned from post-turnaround reviews reveal the complexity and criticality of the Owner/Contractor relationship. Preliminary review of […]

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Turnaround Critical Path Reviews – Recommendations and Examples

Critical Path Analysis, Schedule Optimization or Cold Eyes Review (call it what you want) are all designed to check your Turnaround (TA) Schedule for logic, manpower and equipment efficiencies that can affect the duration of the TA Schedule.  When margins are high you can have unit-down-days that are worth upward of $1MM/day.  For this type margin […]

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