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How Clean Is Your Cleaned Heat Exchanger?

Heat exchangers foul so we clean them, put them back in service, and move on.  But have you ever wondered whether the cleaned heat exchanger is actually delivering clean performance?  Have you evaluated the heat duty right after cleaning to see whether it is what it should be?  Chances are you haven’t, for a multiple […]

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Life or Death of the PSA

Weld peaking or out-of-roundness affecting PSAs is evaluated, highlighting the value of conducting peaking measurements to determine a PSA’s inherent stress concentration. Below is an excerpt from the article. This article was published in the Revamps Issue of PTQ 2022 Can the life of a pressure swing absorber (PSA) be extended beyond its intended design […]

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UNDER PRESSURE – What Makes Hydroprocessing Technology Different Than Other Refining Technologies

Most of the people that have worked around refineries for some time, feel that they have mastered the basics of the major refining technologies and feel that they have some knowledge of the main strengths and vulnerabilities of those technologies.  In this blog, I’d hope to go beyond the basics and provide a deeper knowledge […]

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A Primer on High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA)

High temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA) is the focus of the November Asset Intelligence Report by The article serves as an informative primer to provide an understanding of HTHA. This primer contains the following sections: Overview Susceptible Areas Nelson Curve Prevention/Mitigation Effective Inspection Techniques Remediation Codes, Standards, and Best Practices Further Reading   HTHA is a time dependent intergranular […]

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Comparison Of Heat Exchanger Cleaning Methods

When a heat exchanger is cleaned the expectation should be that it will now deliver the maximum possible heat duty.  But an evaluation of most post-clean operation will show that the cleaned heat exchanger is delivering only about 85% of what should be the clean heat duty. For critical heat exchangers which impact process performance […]

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Conversion To A Green Refinery

Article published in Decarbonisation Technology November Issue ( Assessing the options, risks, and viability of the biofuels refinery of the future In order to meet the mandates of the Paris accord, as well as carbon intensity and greenhouse gas emission reductions in traditional refining processes, fossil fuel-based transportation fuels will be substituted by a combination […]

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Banning Hydrofluoric Acid Won’t Eliminate Risk, But It Will Threaten Fuel Supplies

Safety is the top priority for American fuel refineries, in fact it’s the entire point of my job. I travel around the country, and even to other parts of the world, auditing refinery safety systems, specifically those installed in and around units where hydrofluoric acid (HF) is used to produce alkylate—an essential component of the […]

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Don’t Ignore Your Heat Exchangers

Rarely do heat exchangers cause catastrophic events in operating plants. For that reason, they tend to get ignored; little or no proactive maintenance is done and improvements are typically not made unless they become a critical problem. But, if you look at which equipment is responsible for the most economic losses over a period of […]

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Process Heater Tube Temperature Monitoring Overview, Best Practices, and Examples

Article published in the Inspectioneering Journal July/August 2022 Issue. High-temperature IR Thermography was pioneered several decades ago as a method for understanding tube temperatures inside fired equipment. While the equipment continues to improve, completing accurate analysis of the data remains very challenging.  It is a complex process to accurately measure tube wall temperatures due to […]

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