Becht Experts Participate In Q&A In Recent Issue Of Digital Refining

Participants: Gerrit Buchheim, Mel Larson, Fred Lea, and Robert Ohmes To review the Q&A article in Digital Refining, please click HERE   We didn’t expect severe corrosion issues in the carbon steel of our amine unit. What’s causing it?  – Gerrit Buchheim Severe corrosion in amine units is not rare and should be expected.  Depending […]

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Processing Lower Cost Crudes With Greater Confidence and Improved Reliability

Published in Inspectioneering Journal July|August 2020 by Gerrit Buchheim, Winston Robbins and Frank Sapienza For more than 100 years, it has been understood in the petroleum refining industry that certain crude oils—or, more accurately, crude oil fractions—contain sulfur (S) species and levels of organic acids that may be very corrosive to equipment and piping in […]

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CalOSHA Update – Damage Mechanism Reviews (DMR)

On May 18, 2017, the California Department of Industrial Relations’ Occupational Safety and Health Standards (CalOSHA) board approved a new regulation that changes how Process Safety Management (PSM) is handled for oil refineries within the state of California.  This regulation was approved in response to high-profile industry incidents in the state of California in the […]

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New Method for Prioritizing Equipment for Inspection and Replacement in HTHA Service

Gerrit Buchheim, Manager of the Pono Division of Becht Engineering, has developed a practical and simple-to-use approach to prioritizing the inspection and replacement of equipment in High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA) service.  This approach utilizes the existing and accepted “Nelson Curve”, but adapts it to better fit the realized operating conditions at an individual facility, […]

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Updates and New API Standards Addressing Recent Industry Failure/Issues due to Corrosion and Degradation Issues!

In the US and throughout much of the world, pressure equipment for oil refining services is designed according to ASME Codes (possibly augmented by API standards) and the integrity is assured by performing periodic inspection and maintenance according to equipment strategies, which often are developed in accordance with and guidance from API recommended practices and […]

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