Becht Experts Participate In Q&A In Recent Issue Of Digital Refining

Participants: Gerrit Buchheim, Mel Larson, Fred Lea, and Robert Ohmes To review the Q&A article in Digital Refining, please click HERE   We didn’t expect severe corrosion issues in the carbon steel of our amine unit. What’s causing it?  – Gerrit Buchheim Severe corrosion in amine units is not rare and should be expected.  Depending […]

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Process Centrifugal Compressor Oil Seals

Ingersoll Rand Cone Oil Seals Compressor process shaft end seals are designed to seal the rotating assembly in the stationary compressor case to prevent the process gas in the compressor from escaping to the atmosphere and to prevent the atmosphere from getting into the process gas.   Shaft end oil seals, as compared to the relatively […]

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Reciprocating Compressor Cylinder Alignment (Often overlooked as a failure root-cause)

Compressor cylinder bore misalignment can cause failures that are often not attributed to misalignment. Crosshead shoes uneven wear, compressor piston rod failure at both the crosshead and at the piston, compressor piston rod coating failure, piston wear and compressor cylinder bore wear can all be attributed to cylinder misalignment. The objective of this article is […]

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Oil System Cleaning – Making Oil Flushing a Predictable Procedure

Oil system cleaning or Oil Flush has humbled many Machinery Guys. What seems like a very simple task often turns out to be to the Achilles’ heel and often unpredicted and embarrassing critical path of the machinery overhaul. The purpose of this article is to outline improvements that we have implemented to the old-fashion “Flush […]

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Correcting Splitline Leaks on Dresser-Rand M-Line Compressors

Two compressors at a Refinery in Texas were up-rated to bushing type dry gas seals to eliminate the historical H2S leakage to the environment. The existing seals in both of these machines were the original Clark floating bushing oil seals. There were concerns that the leakage path may be around the outside of the seals […]

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