Becht Experts Participate In Q&A In Recent Issue Of Digital Refining

Participants: Gerrit Buchheim, Mel Larson, Fred Lea, and Robert Ohmes To review the Q&A article in Digital Refining, please click HERE   We didn’t expect severe corrosion issues in the carbon steel of our amine unit. What’s causing it?  – Gerrit Buchheim Severe corrosion in amine units is not rare and should be expected.  Depending […]

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Elastic Follow-up Can Result in Failures in Systems that Comply with Piping Code Rules

The analysis procedures in the Code essentially assume that the strain range in the system can be determined from an elastic analysis. That is, strains are proportional to elastically calculated stresses. The stress range is limited to less than two times the yield stress, in part to achieve this. However, in some systems, strain concentration […]

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Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Transfer Line Flexibility – Analysis and Design Considerations

FCC’s are complex units – and the design of their transfer lines has some unique considerations. While many of the lines are refractory lined to permit construction with carbon steel piping, some sections are hot walled, at temperatures well into the creep range, for the purpose of balancing thermal expansion or, in the case of piping […]

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