Becht is Global and We’re Local: Acquisition of EPS Customer Solutions

Becht is Global and We’re Local: Acquisition of EPS Customer Solutions

Energy Transition, Knowledge Transfer, & Technical Solutions Near You

These have been trying times for all of us. The Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical, and Renewable Industry is navigating headwinds with reduced product demand while also considering global trends including energy transition, knowledge transfer, and a remote workforce. This year has forced us to make difficult moves necessary for survival and created multi-faceted challenges that require strategic planning, technical expertise, and a long-term view on the market.

Becht’s Engineering Solutions, Plant Services, Software Tools, & Learning Development offerings are focused on helping you navigate these challenges. Interested in a Technical Services Agreement to supplement your workforce? Evaluating how to transfer knowledge for your Operations, Technical, or Maintenance workforce? Considering regulatory and environmental mandates and how to approach the energy transition? Reach out to Becht today.

Becht is now local to you with a physical presence in Latin America, EMEA, Asia-Pacific and North America. Reach out directly to our local leaders to learn how Becht can support you today.


Becht is pleased to announce the acquisition of Netherlands based EPS Customer Solutions, founded in 2010, accelerating our growth in the EMEA region. EPS is fully integrating into Becht Europe B.V. The acquisition of EPS Customer Solutions adds about 100 highly experienced experts, all with owner-operator experience, available to serve regional and global clients. Diederik Visser, Managing Director EPS, stated: “We are thrilled to join the Becht team and look forward to jointly helping our global customers succeed.”

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Becht is Global and We’re Local: Acquisition of EPS Customer Solutions

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