Revalidation, Reassessment, Evergreening, Updating…What the heck am I supposed to do with my RBI program?

As owner-users continue to rely on existing RBI programs, the question of how to keep an RBI program functioning and compliant continually comes up in discussions.  Mechanical integrity professional want to know what needs to be done and when it needs to happen.  Let’s start with Code requirements: API 510 10th Edition, 2nd Addendum 6.3.2 […]

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BRAVO – Maintenance Improvement Program Observations on Inventory Management

Becht’s Maintenance Improvement Program (MIP) looks at all aspects of maintenance value including the support driver.  The support driver consists of those elements which support the delivery of maintenance: Studies in the construction industry indicate that 1% improvement in material management improved productivity by as much as 43%.  While that number can’t be taken to […]

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Life or Death of the PSA

Weld peaking or out-of-roundness affecting PSAs is evaluated, highlighting the value of conducting peaking measurements to determine a PSA’s inherent stress concentration. Below is an excerpt from the article. This article was published in the Revamps Issue of PTQ 2022 Can the life of a pressure swing absorber (PSA) be extended beyond its intended design […]

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How to Select the Right Maintenance Metrics to Measure

A common phrase is “What’s measured is managed”.  What’s also true is that measuring the wrong things can drive unintended behaviors.  We want to be deliberate in choosing the metrics that we track for maintenance.  We want to communicate what our objectives are, such as increasing efficiency, schedule attainment or improving repair quality.  It is […]

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