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Is Your Execution Contractor Ready for the Turnaround?


In our experience as Turnaround Readiness reviewers and participating in lessons learned events, owners who pay close attention to contractor readiness end up with better turnaround performance.  While this seems an obvious observation, the details which emerge from lessons learned from post-turnaround reviews reveal the complexity and criticality of the Owner/Contractor relationship.

Preliminary review of basic items such as the Contractor’s understanding of scope, critical path and scheduling are underpinned by a side by side review of specific contractor readiness:

  • Critical path work packages should contain quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) definitions to assure effective work package turnover and the understanding for those owner/ contractor personnel required to sign off on the completed system.   Dimensionally check the spools versus cut points, validate the Bill of Materials versus warehouse package, and talk through the setup, execution and breakdown of the craft at the work point.
  • Field walkout(s) of critical path packages between the owner/contractor several weeks prior to the event should prove the packages have been tested.  Discuss targeted productivity expected.
  • Review the internal/external shop repair and special fabricated item plan.  Ensure these shops can manage the workflow and test the QA/QC system for turnaround and discovery work.
  • Run a practice loop through the material workflow including shipping, receiving, marshalling, laydown, security (if required) and final issue.  Test special required materials (receipt, Positive Material Identification (PMI), enough inventory, etc.)
  • Test the communication plan between craft, foreman, superintendent, cost/schedule control, event management and the site safety team.  What happens if there is a schedule bust, a safety mishap or things fall behind?

These few, but critical checks can assist the Owner/ Contractor relationship in further developing the turnaround preparation plan and achieving a higher level of performance.

Becht Engineering has a team of experienced reviewers that are available to perform turnaround readiness reviews at different pre-turnaround stages for both owners and Contractors. To learn more about Becht Turnaround Services, Readiness Reviews and more blogs, please click below:

See Becht Turnaround Services

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Monday, 15 July 2019

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