Establish/Implement Operations Training Standards for $11B US Petrochemical Complex

Establish/Implement Operations Training Standards for $11B US Petrochemical Complex

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Becht Human Performance Group assisted our client with operations training for an $11 billion US petrochemical complex.

The client was struggling to train over 800 new employees on the skills and best practices needed to complete their daily tasks across multiple disciplines and 11 unique process units. There was no established training standard, and new employees all came from different work cultures, leading to discrepancies in performance. Additionally, the client sought to align all new employees, management, and vendors to create a consistent, effective training experience.

The Becht team was initially contracted to establish training for 5 units. However, the project was expanded to include all the complex units due to success and value of the training. The training was consistently considered to be effective and elegant in its simplicity, with trainees commenting that they had learned more in two weeks than in their previous year on-site. The Becht team established assessments using a gated process to qualify operators and ensure consistent performance on relevant job tasks. Becht expertise across disciplines enabled our team to develop clear, focused, and effective training expectations for the client’s workforce. Training and standards developed by Becht Human Performance Group were adopted by the client as their new North American training standard, providing holistic standardization for new employees across multiple units, disciplines, and sites.

A 2018 Gallup poll reported that 87% of millennials feel that professional development and training are important in their job. With an estimated $300M lost annually due to disengaged or poorly trained employees, can your company afford to skimp on training? Reach out to learn more about how the Becht training team can support your project.

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