Navigating the Greenhouse Gas Conundrum

OR – How Supply Chain Ecosystems Can Meet New Renewable Growth Demands With contributing author John Koo Reliability of energy delivery saves lives.  Fires in California and Australia, rolling blackouts in UK and grid failure in the dead of winter in Texas are examples of events that impact people in a very real and tangible […]

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Winners, Losers and Everything In Between – Planning for Sustainability

In the final installment of the Winners, Losers, and Everything In Between series, we address “Planning for Sustainability”. What is sustainability and how does one plan for it? Sustainability relates to: Reduced usage of water and general carbon, Lower greenhouse gas emissions, and Enhanced recycling and reuse, both corporately and individually. In order to plan […]

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New Solutions for Age-Old Problems

Becht continues its series on “Strategy to Maximize Value in the Time of COVID-19” with this 3rd blog focusing on the demand of new solutions in these difficult times and beyond. To view Part 1, CLICK HERE. To view Part 2, CLICK HERE. COVID-19 has impacted employment and profitability across every sector, but the oil […]

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Equipment Health is an Investment NOT an Expense

Equipment health is integral in an operating facility to obtain the highest performance; not just for a unit but across the whole plant. Equipment and system reliability is perhaps the most critical element of profitability. History shows that differences in operating expenses between best-in-class refineries and poor performers can be as much as $20-30MM/year  it’s […]

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The Oil Industry – Winners, Losers, and Everything In Between – “Muscle Memory”

Becht’s “Winners, Losers, and Everything In Between” series presents strategies to maximize your workforce in the time of COVID-19. Part 2 of this series focuses on the development of “Muscle Memory” (Click Here for Part 1). In this section, we will discuss the conditioning of the workforce team. Why Muscle Memory? Athletes practice repetitive skills, […]

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The Oil Industry 2020 – Winners, Losers And Everything In Between

Athletic endeavors, especially team sports, can be rewarding to participate in or watch at any age.  Developing teams and players includes conditioning, diet, mental training, and finding the right “mix” of players to form the winning team.  Soccer, Baseball, Rugby, or Basketball teams play an array of opponents.  Very few teams in history complete a […]

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