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Improving Energy Efficiency – Addressing Scope 1 and 2 Emission Reduction Targets

With contributing authors: Grant Jacobson, Roberto Tomotaki, Greg Zoll and Fred Lea Recently published in Decarbonization Technology  As the energy industry continues to embrace the energy transition and rationalize the impacts on their operations and viability, the major focus has been on examining and investing in diversification investments, such as renewable processing, sustainable aviation fuel […]

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The Best Path To Maintenance Cost Reduction

While most organizations acknowledge a link between maintenance and reliability, the maintenance and reliability departments are often held within separate organizations at both site and corporate levels.  They typically have separate goals and work separately to achieve these goals.  One of the key measurements of the maintenance department is the maintenance budget while a key […]

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Becht + RPS Partnership = World Class Training Expertise

Becht is proud to announce the integration of RPS Training into our Becht catalog of training courses. Bob Campagna and his company, RPS, have a strong reputation for delivering technical, process-focused, training content to the refining industry for close to 37 years. “The industry will continue to have access to the same great technical content […]

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Ammonia Plants

The nitrogen, ammonia, hydrogen, urea, and syngas industries are vital to the production of various petrochemical products for worldwide consumption. This industry is dependent on complex process plant and knowledgeable personnel to bring the final product to market. Critical equipment is subject to unique damage mechanisms. Performance of this equipment can be optimized through the […]

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Do You Look Both Ways Before Crossing a One-Way Street?

I do. Why? It’s a lesson that was burned into my brain as a child. “Look both ways before you cross the street!” was told to me by multiple generations of relatives, friends, teachers and strangers. It doesn’t matter whether the street is one-way or not…we look both ways before crossing. And the ‘why’ is […]

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Becht Hosts First Tank Summit

The storage of liquids is crucial in the current supply chain landscape, and in the framework of the current environmental and regulatory trends for storage tanks. This week (Jan 2022) Becht brought together tank owners/users, vendors, and Becht division leaders for a Tank Summit in Houston to discuss and learn from each other and our […]

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Process Piping – The New Complete Guide to ASME B31.3 Is Available

  Fully updated for the 2020 Edition of the ASME B31.3 Code, this fourth edition provides background information, historical perspective, and expert commentary on the ASME B31.3 Code requirements for process piping design and construction. It provides the most complete coverage of the Code that is available today and is packed with additional information useful […]

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Becht HTHA JIP Looks to Extend Industry-Leading Equipment Management

with Sridhar Srinivasan Becht is pleased to announce the official launch of the Becht Joint Industry Project on High Temperature Hydrogen Attack: Comprehensive Life Management of HTHA Susceptible Equipment.  We’re excited to bring our multidisciplinary team of materials, inspection, modeling, fitness-for-service and software experts working with global plant operators and JIP sponsors to take our […]

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Becht Industrial Group (BIG) is Dedicated to Client Success

We are pleased to introduce Becht Industrial Group to our trusted clients.  Becht Industrial Group (BIG) was formed in 2021 as a mechanical contractor specializing in turnarounds, major maintenance activities and other schedule driven projects with the sole purpose of “helping our partners win”.  For the past several months they have been preparing to successfully deliver […]

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Bad Actor Elimination Through Cooperation, Collaboration and Trust

Recently published in the Inspectioneering Journal. Two heads are better than one, as the old saying goes. However, this adage only works if the two heads trust each other and are interested in working together to solve a problem. Elimination of chronic bad actors in hydrocarbon processing facilities is much more important than egos, silos, […]

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