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ASME B31.3 Process Piping – Substantive Changes in the 2022 Edition

The new edition of B31.3 is scheduled to be issued December 2022. As usual, there are many clarifications, updated references to codes and standards, updates to basic allowable stresses and additional listed materials. These types of changes are not described here. There are some substantive changes as well, the most significant of which are: Stress […]

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How Becht Can Help Customers With Additive Manufacturing

With Ronald van Wolferen For more than half a century, Becht has maintained a valued reputation for exceptional innovation, service and partnership solving engineering problems for the energy, process, and power industries. Today, that reputation extends far beyond engineering! Becht has a full line up of services and resources where all your challenges and goals […]

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Forever Medal Awarded to Dr. Charles Becht IV

Dr. Charles Becht IV., was awarded the 2022 B31 Forever Medal during the ASME B31 & Nonmetallic Pressure Piping Code meetings. The ASME B31 Forever Medal for Excellence in Piping is a Committee Award awarded for distinguished contributions in the field of pressure piping including but not limited to leadership, technical, research and development, and […]

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The Evolution of Gasoline Blending

The workforce is changing rapidly and the people who will be blending gasoline at a refinery will have a different set of knowledge, skills, and attributes compared to prior generations. This will be the generation that likes to collaborate on platforms instantaneously and make rapid decisions in a constantly changing and challenging environment. This generation […]

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What RBI Is and What It Isn’t

Risk-based Inspection (RBI) has been around the refining and petrochemical industry for many years.  When the original task group was put together to investigate RBI in the early 1990s, lessons learned from other industries that had been practicing this approach even earlier were incorporated into the two standards that API developed, API RP 580 – […]

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Process Heater Tube Temperature Monitoring Overview, Best Practices and Examples

High-temperature IR Thermography was pioneered several decades ago as a method for understanding tube temperatures inside fired equipment. While the equipment continues to improve, completing accurate analysis of the data remains very challenging.  It is a complex process to accurately measure tube wall temperatures due to the variable nature of surface scale, combustion characteristics, and […]

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