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Managing The Life Cycle Of Coke Drums

The Becht team of ABBY KING, N CHITHRANJAN and MITCH MOLONEY recently published an article featuring the Life Cycle of a Coke Drum. This article was published in Petroleum Technology Quarterly.  – Below is an excerpt of the article – Coke drums are fatigue machines. Fatigue damage accumulates with every cycle and cannot be reversed. […]

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Practical HTHA Experience And Timebased Nelson Curves For Improved Equipment Life Management

Recently, Becht published an article in Inspectioneering Journal regarding High Temperature Hydrogen Attack. This article was written by: DAVE DEWEES, PE, Mechanical Engineering Division Manager GERRIT BUCHHEIM, PE, Refining Metallurgical and Corrosion Expert & Pono Division Manager JEREMY STAATS, PE, Refining Corrosion and Materials Engineer CHARLES BECHT V, PE, Vice President of Engineering   Abstract […]

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Equipment Health is an Investment NOT an Expense

Equipment health is integral in an operating facility to obtain the highest performance; not just for a unit but across the whole plant. Equipment and system reliability is perhaps the most critical element of profitability. History shows that differences in operating expenses between best-in-class refineries and poor performers can be as much as $20-30MM/year  it’s […]

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The Value Spaces In The Hydrocarbon Supply Chain

“Demand Destruction”, “Oil Processing Won’t Be Back”, “Exports Stagnant”, “Record Quarterly Losses”, “Capital Budgets Slashed” and “Refinery Permanently Closed” are all part of the current torrent of brutal oil and gas headlines.  Situations like this are not the first time that the industry has been faced with such a dire reality.  Looking to the future, […]

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Applying Project Management Skills to Litigation Cases

Or … How to Save a Fortune Litigation is expensive. Uncontrolled litigation is financially devastating. The blog discusses applying basic project management skills to litigation cases. By employing this approach, the potential to significantly reduce both the legal and expert witness costs is enhanced. A partnership between the case attorneys and the expert witness is […]

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The Oil Industry – Winners, Losers, and Everything In Between – “Muscle Memory”

Becht’s “Winners, Losers, and Everything In Between” series presents strategies to maximize your workforce in the time of COVID-19. Part 2 of this series focuses on the development of “Muscle Memory” (Click Here for Part 1). In this section, we will discuss the conditioning of the workforce team. Why Muscle Memory? Athletes practice repetitive skills, […]

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The Oil Industry 2020 – Winners, Losers And Everything In Between

Athletic endeavors, especially team sports, can be rewarding to participate in or watch at any age.  Developing teams and players includes conditioning, diet, mental training, and finding the right “mix” of players to form the winning team.  Soccer, Baseball, Rugby, or Basketball teams play an array of opponents.  Very few teams in history complete a […]

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Multidisciplinary Approach To Improve Reliability Of A CATOFIN Unit

…with contributions by Chuck Becht V In this difficult era of decreased margins and rapidly changing markets, onstream reliability is critical to the success of operating facilities.  Achieving high onstream reliability can be particularly challenging for complex systems like a CATOFIN® Unit.  The CATOFIN® Unit pairs extremely high operating temperatures with a complex control system […]

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Becht Welcomes Mel Larson To The Team

Mel Larson, formerly Principle Consultant at KBC Advanced Technologies has joined the Becht team.  With over 40 years of experience in refining and technical consulting working for Marathon and KBC, Mel is an FCC/ Alky SME as well as has extensive business planning and optimization expertise. He has broad experience consulting internationally including South Korea, […]

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Becht Donates 18,000 Masks to Local Communities

Becht’s core value of “One Team – One Dream” extends beyond business to our neighbors and friends, especially during times of crisis.  COVID 19 has created market instability, domestic and international travel shutdowns, quarantines and multiple difficulties that have rippled through our global communities. During these challenging times, we often find that those most in […]

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