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Outlet Collector Pressure-Drop Assessment

Why do outlet collectors only rarely fail, even when subjected to pressure-drops well above the design basis of the collector? The answer lies in the design approach which incorporates simplifying assumptions to accommodate a tractable and conservative approach.  These conservatisms can be relaxed where necessary to give results much more in line with actual experience […]

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Fundamentals of Operational Reliability

Introduction Operational reliability is a priority for any process unit facility.  A definition of Reliability is: “The ability of an apparatus, machine, or system to consistently perform its intended or required function or mission, on demand and without degradation or failure.” Reliability is something that owners and operators consider a priority, but achieving stable reliable […]

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Potential Operating Strategies & Considerations – An SME Opinion

Current market conditions are forcing many refiners into an unfamiliar operating state.  A different approach may be required to rebalance and reduce refinery intake and maximize products that are still in demand.  Unit and equipment specific impacts of this approach will depend on the severity of the rate reduction as well as the duration. As […]

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Becht Opens Latin American Office in Buenos Aires

Becht is pleased to announce the grand opening of our Buenos Aires, Argentina office in February 2020.  Mariano Bertaina, former Executive Technical Director of the Axion Refinery, will serve as Becht’s Director, LATAM Operations. Derek Becht, VP Plant Services, commented that “This is an important step forward for Becht allowing us to better serve our […]

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Are Your Capital Project and Turnaround Groups Aligned?

Here’s How To Get On Track There are two sure things in life: Death and Taxes.  There are other things in life that are not for sure, nor pre-ordained, but stand a pretty good likelihood of occurring such as: Executing Capital Projects during a Turnaround and having an outcome that is less than desirable. So many […]

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Team Building As Part Of Project Planning & Management – A Dynamic And Proven Approach

Without exception, capital projects undertaken today call for comprehensive planning and closely managed project control.  Project Planning and Cost Control have never been more important.  An individual’s capacity to deal with change is a must in a rapidly changing world, and the effective use of management practices can contribute to an individual’s ability to effectively […]

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Judging Readiness for Maintenance Pitstops/”Squats”

Major Maintenance – work commonly called “Pitstops” or “Squats” – can be forgotten in the hectic world of Turnarounds and Routine Maintenance, so how do you judge the readiness and whether you are doing the right work? Pitstops or Squats are normally smaller events in size and duration that fall between doing everyday routine maintenance […]

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Origins and Fates of Chlorides in Hydroprocessing Units – Part 1: Recognizing the Problem

Introduction This series of three articles explores the impacts chlorides may have on hydroprocessing units (hydrotreaters and hydrocrackers).  It provides a methodical approach to identifying the typical effects that point toward chlorides, the sources of chlorides in process feed streams, chloride-induced failure mechanisms, methods for identifying chlorides, strategies for chloride control, and a step-by-step process […]

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Roadmap For Repair of Buried Pipe

The repair of a corroded, damaged, or leaking buried pipe should be approached in a well-structured manner. Here is a roadmap to the repair options for buried steel pipes, with the corresponding brief commentary. 1. Open trench repair 1.1 New line, replacing the existing line (or segment). Determine whether to use the same material, or […]

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Eight Pillars Of Excellent FEMI Programs

INTRODUCTION A refinery or chemical plant Fixed Equipment Mechanical Integrity (FEMI) program consists of eight basic categories or “Pillars” that are fundamental to achieve FEMI excellence. While every refinery or chemical plant has some form of these Pillars in place, they are often inadequately implemented or have significant gaps in the key elements that make […]

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