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Turning Your Experts into Mentors

How do organizations ensure proper knowledge transfer that occurs spontaneously on the job, often born out of everyday situations and circumstances? Is there a space where seasoned experts and veterans can share their knowledge with newbies? Is there a way to do this consistently and with intention instead of out of happenstance? Absolutely. Turning experts […]

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Risk-Based Work Selection – Planning a Turnaround of the “Right Size”

This White Paper was published in Inspectioneering, below is an excerpt from the paper. Here is a link to view the landing page and download a copy. In today’s Petrochemical and Power industries, sustained long term reliability of facilities is a key to profitability and competitiveness. The cost of unreliability, which includes health, safety and […]

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Becht Expert Witness – A True Partner to Support Your Case

In any legal case it is very important to establish a true partnership between the law firm and the expert witness. This partnership facilitates an effective, balanced team with both technical and legal knowledge. This will provide the client with the most cost-effective solution and best chance for a favorable outcome during trial or arbitration. […]

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Under Pressure

Reactor Runaways – Automatic Depressuring or Manual Depressuring? Recently, I have had several discussions and inquiries regarding reactor runaway events and whether automatic depressuring systems are needed for hydroprocessing units. Short Answer ALL Hydrocrackers should have an Automatic Depressuring System Other units that use catalysts with high activation energy should consider an Automatic Depressuring System […]

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Introduction to Refractory

Welcome to the first of a five-part blog series on refractory for petrochemical applications. This first blog is an introduction to refractory that covers the common refractory-lined equipment, future blogs will discuss materials and designs and quality, inspection, and work scope planning. Refractory is a ceramic material that maintains its strength while resisting damage by […]

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Looking Forward… [to 2023 and beyond]

This blog provides some personal views on the future.  First, I believe the future is very bright for the USA.  With good demographics, a high value add work force, low cost energy, great resources, lots of land (with much of it arable), plenty of resources and financial strength, the United States has a lot going […]

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Becht 2022 Year In Review

This past year was notable for geopolitical events and higher margins.  It was great for us to once again be able to meet with our clients, and our colleagues, in person.  Throughout the year, Becht continued to work on ways to bring higher value to our clients. Some of the areas our clients found this […]

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How Clean Is Your Cleaned Heat Exchanger?

Heat exchangers foul so we clean them, put them back in service, and move on.  But have you ever wondered whether the cleaned heat exchanger is actually delivering clean performance?  Have you evaluated the heat duty right after cleaning to see whether it is what it should be?  Chances are you haven’t, for a multiple […]

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