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Demister Pads—A simple device until they don’t work

A demister pad is similar to an air filter except instead of removing dust particles from a stream of air for example, it removes micron-size liquid particles from a liquid/vapor stream often found in many industrial processes. An air filter prevents dust particles from entering downstream equipment; similarly a demister prevents liquid droplets from entering […]

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Piping Vibration Screening Rule

It is useful to have a screening rule for evaluation of piping vibration in order to determine if the vibration is potentially harmful (can lead to damage or fatigue failure) or if it is simply a nuisance and can be accepted without doing a more detailed assessment or anything to mitigate it. A very useful […]

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Training and Qualification of Bolted Joint Assembly Personnel

For quite some time now, Section VIII Division 1 of the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code has included the following provision in Appendix 2-15: 2-15 QUALIFICATION OF ASSEMBLY PROCEDURES AND ASSEMBLERS It is recommended that flange joints designed to this Appendix be assembled by qualified procedures and by qualified assemblers. ASME PCC-1 may be […]

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Pump Trips and Check Valve Closure

Pump Trips and Check Valve Closure Systems running multiple pumps in parallel can undergo serious equipment and piping damage during a pump trip caused by a power outage or pump mechanical failure. Uncontrolled reverse flow in the system can occur and if improperly selected check valves are used it can result in pumps running backwards […]

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A Lift Plan for Every Lift

Ten Questions That Must Be Answered Before Attempting Any Lift When attempting any lift, regardless of how small or seemingly insignificant, there is some basic information that must be known and confirmed before you begin. As an industry, we do a great job planning critical and super lifts.  These major lifts are executed with precision […]

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Becht engineers, in collaboration with owner/operator personnel, recently completed a successful Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) Assessment and a Turnaround Risk Based Work Selection (TA/RBWS) Assessment

A team of Becht engineers, in collaboration with owner/operator personnel, recently completed a successful Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) Assessment and a Turnaround Risk Based Work Selection (TA/RBWS) Assessment for a major complex refinery in the Gulf Coast. These assessments enabled the refinery to closely evaluate a very ambitious work scope for an upcoming turnaround and resulted […]

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Becht Welcomes M&D Professional Services

The engineering consulting operations of M&D Professional Services ( has become the Richland, Washington office of Becht Engineering, effective April 28, 2012. The office in Richland will become a regional office of Becht Engineering and a division of Becht Nuclear Services, managed by Jack Cole, PE reporting to George Antaki, PE, Becht Engineering Chief Nuclear Engineer. Becht Engineering offers […]

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New OSHA Standard for Cranes and Derricks

Joe Collins, Heavy Lift Manager Are You In Compliance?  On July 28, 2010, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released a historic new standard, addressing the use of cranes and derricks in construction and replacing a decades old standard. The rule became effective 90 days after August 9, 2010; the […]

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Becht Upstream – Reliability Support

Arcot “Radha” Radhakrishnan, Director of Reliability & Jerry Horak, Senior Engineering Advisor Becht Engineering Reliability Specialist Teams are providing their expertise and in-depth knowledge to support Clients’ Capital Projects in Upstream Operations, worldwide, with a focus on development of Reliability & Maintenance Strategies for Production Units (PU). These strategies are defined in Equipment Reliability Plans […]

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