World Crane and Transport Summit

This October, Becht participated in the annual World Crane and Transport Summit (WCTS). I presented on “Super Heavy Lifting” this year. It was the third time in ten years that I was invited to speak.  The Summit was held in Singapore and John Koo represented Becht with me. It was a great event, attended by […]

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Powerlines and Cranes – A Deadly Combination

It’s hard to imagine life without electricity. We flip a switch and things start working. It powers your lights, television, refrigerator, air conditioner and so much more. Powerlines deliver electricity to our homes and offices and don’t seem dangerous because they are normally mounted up high and out of reach. The truth is, they have […]

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Sling Angles do Matter!

One of the most overlooked considerations when designing a rigging system is sling angles. When slings are used in a bridle at an angle, the angle increases the force applied to each sling and the rigging hardware such as shackles, spreader bars, links and collector rings. The illustration below clearly shows the effect of specific […]

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Rigging Points Of Attachment – A Critical Element of Heavy Lift

Review of rigging attachments to the equipment being lifted have prevented lift failures.  When planning major crane lifts we are very careful about confirming the crane foundation, rigging stability/capacity, and crane capacity. Are we taking enough time to analyze the points of attachment for the rigging? Becht Engineering Heavy Lift Division says “NO”. Our experience […]

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Crane Mats of the Future – Timber, Composite or Steel

Where will crane mats be in 10 years, 20 years, 50 years? It takes approximately 90 years to grow a 12-inch by 12-inch oak timber twenty feet long. High quality hardwood timbers are becoming harder to find. This is widely known but rarely discussed. The shortage of wood timbers is a national problem. Timber Mats […]

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Elements of a Super Heavy Lift Execution Manual

Making A Super Heavy Lift?  Here’s What You Need To Know If you are making a single super lift or a series of super lifts there will be a tremendous number of documents created during the planning stages.  In addition to the original documents there will be numerous revisions as the fine tuning of the […]

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Crane Operator Certification – OSHA Rule 1926.1427

I have been receiving many inquiries recently from individuals and companies concerned about the status of OSHA Rule 1926.1427 – All wondering if they are in compliance. Bottom Line – There is currently a nationwide controversy regarding OSHA regulation on crane operators. Background OSHA enacted a new crane rule in 2010.  The part 1926.1427 (Crane Operators) […]

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