Safety Vision

Do you know what one of the more popular surgeries is in the world today? The answer is vision correction surgery, or Lasik. Everyone wants ‘perfect’ vision. In addition to “sight”, defines vision as “a vivid, imaginative conception or anticipation”. New Year’s resolutions, the perfect vacation, a dream home, or your child’s graduation day […]

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Turnaround Safety – A Key to Success

With contributing author: Clayton Smith Over the years, one thing that continuously strikes fear in the hearts of safety professionals and management alike is the safety challenge that comes with executing a turnaround. A turnaround of any scale will introduce a totally different dynamic into the workplace. Assuming the status-quo in safety will suffice during […]

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What Is The Difference Between Training And Education?

Training is a burgeoning field and an important tool for any workforce. This is not only true in the oil and gas industry, but in every industry. Companies want their workforces to be safer, more efficient, and more prepared than ever before, and they realize the need for effective training in order to achieve these […]

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Due Diligence – Making Rapid, Accurate Judgements

or  “Kidnapped By My Own Business Team” A number of years ago I worked closely with an Operating Company Business Team and Mergers and Acquisitions group performing due diligence assessments. I often led these assessments and my input on reliability, maintenance, mechanical integrity and inspection was incorporated into a multi discipline team of legal, environmental, […]

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Treat Reliability Like …

This blog outlines ways to think about reliability to help drive a culture of continuous improvement.  It is the fourth in a series of Blogs on improving plant reliability performance through changes in culture, programs, equipment design, maintenance and operation. The principles we applied in implementing successful reliability programs in a number of operating plants […]

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Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) – A Key Element to Improved Reliability

Many companies and organizations have been on the reliability journey for a number of years, while others are just beginning.  There are many elements of a solid reliability program – establishing a reliability centered culture, tracking key metrics, bad actor elimination programs and establishing equipment reliability plans – to name a few.  But, one key […]

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Due Diligence – Front End Loading for Plant Acquisitions

In many cases operating companies and financial institutions utilize Due Diligence studies for critical input on “Go/No Go” decisions for plant acquisitions.  Once the decision is made to purchase the plant, the Due Diligence study is often put on the shelf.  The company purchasing the new asset then faces significant challenges integrating the asset into […]

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Importance of Codes and Standards for Process Safety

Compliance with the Process Safety Management rule, OSHA 1910.119, is a requirement for plants processing certain highly hazardous materials exceeding threshold quantities. The rule requires the owner to demonstrate all equipment has been purchased and installed in accordance with recognized industry standards. Maintenance practices must also be according to Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering […]

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Safety – Plan, Promote and Participate: A Simple Recipe For Success

  As the year draws to a close, I’ve been retrospective —  regarding what I have seen in terms of Safety successes.   It turns out that it has been a good year for Safety! Having had the opportunity to interact with different operations, companies and a variety of “Safety Cultures”, it is evident to me […]

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