Don Frikken Awarded The ASME’s J. Hall Taylor Medal

Don Frikken Awarded The ASME’s J. Hall Taylor Medal

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Honors & Awards program celebrates individuals who have made important contributions in various engineering disciplines. Awards recognize those who have made major achievements, presented groundbreaking papers or demonstrated a commitment of service to the Society.

Don Frikken was recently awarded the J. Hall Taylor Medal for his distinguished service and eminent achievement in the field of codes and standards pertaining to the broad fields of piping and pressure vessels which are sponsored or undertaken by ASME. The scope includes contributions to technical advancement and administration.

In 1965, by a bequest through the ASME activity in codes and standards, the Taylor Forge and Pipe Works established this award to commemorate the pioneering work of J. Hall Taylor in the field of standardization of industrial products and safety codes for their usage.

Becht has the distinguished honor of having 4 recipients of this award:


Don Frikken is an internationally recognized authority in piping systems, valves, and the development of standards and specifications. His work with Becht includes designing new piping systems, analyzing existing piping systems, assisting manufacturers with respect to code compliance issues, and providing instruction on process piping and piping flexibility analysis courses. Don has received a number of awards including the ASME B31 Forever Medal for Excellence in Piping, and the ASME Melvin R. Green.

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Don Frikken Awarded The ASME’s J. Hall Taylor Medal

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