Safety Vision

Safety Vision

Do you know what one of the more popular surgeries is in the world today? The answer is vision correction surgery, or Lasik. Everyone wants ‘perfect’ vision.

In addition to “sight”, defines vision as “a vivid, imaginative conception or anticipation”.

New Year’s resolutions, the perfect vacation, a dream home, or your child’s graduation day are all visions.

Lasik improves sight by bringing things into focus. The same can be said for a clear safety vision. It brings our safety goals and aspirations into focus and allows us to concentrate our efforts to achieve them. Right now, Becht’s vision is the elimination of all injuries.

After over five years with no recordable injuries, you may think the goal is to “keep doing what we have been doing”. You would be mistaken. Becht has a vision. That vision is the elimination of injuries. After that, the elimination of accidents…then the elimination of near misses, etc…

An accident, incident and injury-free workplace is “a vivid, imaginative conception or anticipation” of great things to come. I anticipate achieving this goal will not be a problem. After all, solving problems is what we do!


If you don’t think zero injuries can be achieved,
perhaps you should adjust your vision.

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Mr. David Troha manages Becht’s Safety Culture Program, which includes ownership of the Safety Manual, monitoring industry consortiums, safety-related contract reviews, providing case management for safety incidents, hosting safety luncheons at client sites, and other safety-related efforts.

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Safety Vision

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