HF Alkylation Capabilities

Becht has a team of HF Alky experts that have established and led the alkylation networks and licensing activities for companies like XOM, BP, P66, Shell, and UOP. Becht SMEs have worked in over 95% of the refineries in North America and many others internationally and bring an owner-operator perspective of safety, reliability, quality, cost, […]

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Why do Clamped Connections With Metallic Seals Sometimes Leak?

Clamp connections with metallic seals can offer superior joint integrity over traditional flanged connections but caution must be exercised regarding the service conditions, especially when cyclic thermal loading is present. This blog post highlights aspects of a clamp connection analysis performed by Becht Engineering. The client had observed significant loss of bolt preload at several […]

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How To Quantify And Evaluate Oil Storage Tank Annular Plate Corrosion

In the past ten years, there have been a few oil storage tank annular plate failures due to soil side corrosion and fatigue loading (filling and emptying) which has led to large spills. The corrosion tends to be localized in a groove fashion and the size of the flaw could vary from 3 feet to […]

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Do I Have to Replace My Bulged Pressure Vessel?

There are a variety of conditions an in-service component (e.g. vessel, tank, piping) can be found in.  The purpose of Fitness-for-Service (FFS) is to evaluate the integrity of an in-service component given a certain degraded condition and rate it for future service considering potential for any additional degradation.  A degraded condition does not have to […]

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