Your pump’s Mean Time Between Repairs (MTBR) is what?…Or what should it be…

Many of the tourist spots around the world have panhandlers. Some of the more creative ones stand on street corners advertising that they will tell you where you got your shoes, for a dollar. Of course it turns out that “you got your shoes” at the corner of Bourbon and St. Peters – or wherever […]

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Machinery Hurricane Flood Damage– Innovative Seal Recovery Procedure

Serious floods rarely occur in the life of a refinery or petro-chemical plant. But when such an event does occur there are significant implications for the reliability of rotating equipment and associated business risks when it’s time to restart the plant. And because this scenario is so uncommon, there are few, if any, industry standards […]

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Correcting Splitline Leaks on Dresser-Rand M-Line Compressors

Two compressors at a Refinery in Texas were up-rated to bushing type dry gas seals to eliminate the historical H2S leakage to the environment. The existing seals in both of these machines were the original Clark floating bushing oil seals. There were concerns that the leakage path may be around the outside of the seals […]

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