Risk-Based Work Selection – Planning a Turnaround of the “Right Size”

This White Paper was published in Inspectioneering, below is an excerpt from the paper. Here is a link to view the landing page and download a copy. In today’s Petrochemical and Power industries, sustained long term reliability of facilities is a key to profitability and competitiveness. The cost of unreliability, which includes health, safety and […]

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Becht Successfully Completes SOC 2 Assessment

As a solutions provider to our clients, Becht understands the importance of data security and systems reliability. At Becht, we continually evaluate and update our IT policies and procedures to follow best practices, assess our software development approach and execution and measure organizational health with a firm eye on what’s happening today and our thoughts […]

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Risk-Based Work Selection (RBWS) – Choosing a Software Tool

Using the right software tool can save time and improve results of Risk Based Work Selection (RBWS) which is a standalone work process aimed at optimizing turnaround (TA) work scopes.  RBWS uses risk assessments to determine if individual worklist items are justified by Health, Safety, & Environmental Risks or Financial Risks.  Significant reductions in turnaround […]

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Risk Based Work Selection (RBWS) – An Essential Step for Turnaround Work Scope Optimization in Refining Units

Turnarounds (TA) in refining units are executed periodically, on a planned basis, to meet multiple objectives, such as regulatory compliance, process reliability improvement, and equipment inspection and/or repairs. In a competitive business environment, managing TA events in a cost effective manner is a well-recognized challenge. Key Step – Planning Development of a comprehensive Work Scope for […]

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