Planning a Turnaround That Fits – Using RBWS

A risk based work selection process (RBWS) screens worklist items to ensure they are justified for risk reduction or financial benefit as part of a turnaround. In today’s process industries, sustained long-term reliability of facilities is a key to profitability and competitiveness. The cost of unreliability, which includes health, safety and environmental (HSE) incidents, is […]

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Managing The Life Cycle Of Coke Drums

The Becht team of ABBY KING, N CHITHRANJAN and MITCH MOLONEY recently published an article featuring the Life Cycle of a Coke Drum. This article was published in Petroleum Technology Quarterly.  – Below is an excerpt of the article – Coke drums are fatigue machines. Fatigue damage accumulates with every cycle and cannot be reversed. […]

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Identifying Gaps in Risk Based Inspection Programs (RBI) That Impact Reliability

Risk based inspection (RBI) is a powerful tool to identify and manage mechanical integrity risks in fixed equipment and piping but is only one part of a robust reliability program.  RBI informs inspection decision making on where, when and how to inspect most of equipment but is frequently misinterpreted as a “Silver Bullet” that covers […]

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Risk-Based Work Selection (RBWS) – Choosing a Software Tool

Using the right software tool can save time and improve results of Risk Based Work Selection (RBWS) which is a standalone work process aimed at optimizing turnaround (TA) work scopes.  RBWS uses risk assessments to determine if individual worklist items are justified by Health, Safety, & Environmental Risks or Financial Risks.  Significant reductions in turnaround […]

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BIDES – A Knowledge Base Facilitating Effective RBI Assessments

There are numerous challenges that Inspectors and Reliability Engineers face when developing Risk Based Asset Integrity Plans, such as: Identifying the applicable Damage Mechanisms Picking the correct Failure Mode(s) Determining the Probability of Failure Deciding how to mitigate risks to acceptable levels Industry documents give some guidance (i.e. API-571, API-580) but not the whole picture. […]

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