Practical HTHA Experience And Timebased Nelson Curves For Improved Equipment Life Management

Recently, Becht published an article in Inspectioneering Journal regarding High Temperature Hydrogen Attack. This article was written by: DAVE DEWEES, PE, Mechanical Engineering Division Manager GERRIT BUCHHEIM, PE, Refining Metallurgical and Corrosion Expert & Pono Division Manager JEREMY STAATS, PE, Refining Corrosion and Materials Engineer CHARLES BECHT V, PE, Vice President of Engineering   Abstract […]

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COVID-19 – Bringing Innovation, Resilience And Self Reliance To Address A Frightening Situation

The introduction of the COVID-19 virus has changed our world overnight. This frightening event has shut down our economy, closed schools, put new rules into our society and as of today resulted in more than 74,000 deaths in the US. To put this in perspective just over 58,000 Americans died in the Vietnam war. The […]

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