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We are frequently called in to evaluate damage (cracks, corrosion, blisters, etc) on equipment that remains in-service.  We have been able to quickly perform the Fitness-For-Service assessments to assist the plant operations in determining if the equipment remains safe to operate.  We work with plant operations to evaluate further deterioration mechanisms to determine the optimal time to perform repairs.  Often the damage is found in routine inspections between turn-arounds.  If the equipment can be safely operated until the next planned outage, we will recommend that and work with plant operations for further in-service inspection/monitoring.

Becht FFS Form

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We are organized to quickly and efficiently handle all levels of Fitness-For-Service assessments including rapid response to emergency situations where quick assessments are required to keep a plant running or when damage is found.

For immediate response, contact our FFS coordinator, Magnus Gustafsson (click to email / phone at 571-550-0722) or complete the form. Your form request will go to Mr. Gustafsson, as well as our President, Chuck Becht and General Manager, John Basil.

A quick response is guaranteed!