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Becht/HEA Engineering

The HEA Division of Becht Engineering

becht-hea logoHEA comprises a group of senior technical professionals with in-depth engineering and scientific experience in diverse disciplines.  HEA provides a wide range of services to energy, chemical and related businesses. Many HEA experts are located in the Philadelphia area.

Areas of Expertise

  • Petroleum refining
  • Petrochemicals
  • "Clean Fuels" Technology
  • Alternate Fuels, Biofuels, CNG, LPG
  • Coke, Tar Sands, Low API Crude Oils

Technical Disciplines

  • Chemistry
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Cost Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

What We Do

The Associates of HEA are all senior professionals with extensive experience in their respective disciplines. Their expertise provides access to a broad range of technological skills. HEA's services are available on an as-needed basis, and avoid the necessity of clients adding permanent employees to staff.  HEA can provide hands-on, up-to-date consultation as well as development and design skills in the areas of chemistry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil and structural engineering, and fuels formulation.

The HEA Difference

We combine our broad range of engineering skills effectively because of our extensive industrial operating experience and our proven team approach. We are committed to cost effective and responsive service for our clients. In addition, HEA's team approach, utilizing a full range of engineering management and specialist skills, can provide insights broader than those available from an individual consultant.

HEA Specifics

  • HEA Services
  • HEA Personnel Overview
  • HEA Projects
  • HEA Special Expertise

Scope of Services

  • Evaluation & selection of new or state-of-the-art technology
  • Process design; engineering of revamps
  • Catalytic reactions and catalyst selection
  • Control, Instrumentation
  • Environmental; CAA fuel regulations; RFG Audits
  • Strategic and economic analysis; feasibility studies
  • Process research and development
  • Modeling, Optimization, Simulation
  • Operations; startups; troubleshooting
  • Safety - Process Safety Management, HAZOP
  • Mentoring of New Engineers

Skills and Disciplines

  • Petroleum Chemistry; Catalysis
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering specialties - Heat Transfer, Power
  • Engines, Fuels, Rotating Equipment
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

The associates of HEA are the most important assets of the division. These engineers, scientists, and managers constitute a unique resource of skills, capabilities, and experience. All stand ready to serve our clients' needs.  

The following is a partial list of Associates, linked to brief biographies of each. If you have questions about specific individuals, or need a particular skill set or expertise. For further help CLICK HERE.

  • Harry Adams is an expert in coking technology.
  • John D. Barry has experience in process design and development.
  • Joe Bell has experience developing new technologies and transferring results into manufacturing processes.
  • Fred Camp, a founder, is an experienced chemical engineering generalist.
  • George Catanese is a mechanical engineer, with special expertise in rotating equipment.
  • Jim "Waxman" Eckert is an expert in Waxes, Wax Emulsions, Process Oil, and Asphalt Binders
  • Charles Gilbert has over 30 years experience in energy generation and usage in the petroleum refining and power generation industries
  • Arve Holt is an experienced control engineer, with wide experience in refinery operations.
  • Mike Jesionowski is a seasoned project and process engineer.
  • Don Jost is a veteran chemical technology and business development manager with extensive executive-level contacts in industry, academia, and government.
  • Mark Karrs has extensive experience in pyrolysis technology, with emphasis on furnace design
  • Bob Kayros has extensive experience in design and implementation of measurement and control systems
  • Bill Klotzbucher has experience in economic analysis, operational planning and decision support systems
  • Judd Kuivinen is a seasoned process engineer.
  • Fred Legge has structural engineering design experience in Great Britain and in the U.S.
  • Don Lieder is an authority on technical economics, LP for refinery planning and scheduling, and evaluation of refining processes, crude oil feedstocks, and products
  • Jim McNeely has over 30 years experience in the engineering, development, and marketing of high-technology materials and chemical processes in the photovoltaic, semiconductor, and laser industries.
  • Mary Moon is experienced in the physical chemistry of lubricants, metalworking fluids, cleaners, conversion coatings, paints,and other specialty chemicals
  • John K. Nabors has domestic and international experience in cost engineering and project controls in the chemical industry.
  • Ken Rollins has In-depth knowledge of air pollution control engineering and wastewater treatment technologies..
  • Bill Smuck is an authority on light ends processing, sulfur management, catalytic and hydro- cracking, and hydroprocessing.
  • Ib Steinmetz, a founder, has special expertise in quality control of petroleum products
  • Lloyd J. Tarkington has domestic and international experience in Project Management, Engineering, and Construction in the chemicals and petrochemicals industries.
  • Lisa Walton has extensive experience in hydraulic analyses and pump selection.
  • Dick Ware is an environmental specialist coordinating environmental compliance under the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, RCRA, TSCA, CERCLA, SARA, UST, USCG, and DOT regulations.
  • Jim Wei has in-depth process espertise in refining processes and petrochemicals

Selected Projects

Listed below are brief descriptions of several of the challenging projects completed by Becht Engineering Company's HEA Division since its founding.

  • Clean Fuels Technology evaluation - FCC gasoline and diesel HDS
  • Study of existing refinery plant and instrument air system for bottleneck removal
  • Due diligence reviews of major shale oil and coal upgrading projects
  • Redesign of alcohol/water fractionation including detailed specs for a new reboiler
  • Instrumentation of alcohol/water fractionation tower reboiler
  • Review of metallurgical requirements in unusual heat transfer service
  • Calculations on the extent of dispersal of an oil spill
  • Cost estimates of process units to provide tax basis
  • Specification of mass flow meter for batch fill of fermentation reactors
  • Proposal prep for government funding of energy recovery project
  • Proposal preparation support for unique catalytic process improvements
  • Metallurgical review of sour water stripper design
  • Valuation of shutdown oil terminal for prospective buyer
  • Strategic studies on processing at increased throughput in an existing refinery
  • Preparation of bid request package for a $50MM project
  • Assessment of cost and performance of ethanol as component of gasoline
  • Field inspection and metallurgical report during refinery shutdown
  • Field staffing for new plant initial startup
  • Process simulation of existing refinery hydrocracker
  • Conceptual designs for refinery upgrade feasibility study
  • Evaluate processes, investment for world scale aromatics project
  • Process study of crude/vacuum unit expansion
  • Design of new batch still for very heavy hydrocarbon service
  • Evaluation of overall refinery power and electrical distribution system
  • Provide staff engineers for onsite service at a refinery
  • Training of others in water treatment, process engineering
  • Evaluation of contractor proposals (6) made to client
  • Review/ analysis/ critique of complex heat exchanger design
  • Observation/ report on emissions test done at clients plant site
  • Reinstrumentation of boilers to meet low NOx operating requirements
  • Evaluate relocation of refinery process units to new site (vs. new construction)
  • Business information search for 2 European growth companies
  • Evaluation of impact of running synthetic crudes on refinery operations
  • Metallurgy recommendations for higher sulfur crudes
  • Expert testimony on evaluating loss due to breach of contract

Special Areas of Expertise

Following are several technology areas in which HEA has particular expertise. Click on the links below for a brief description of projects in which these skills were applied.

Search HEA Experts

  • All
  • Chem&BioFuels
  • DueDiligence
  • Elect&Instru
  • Mech&Civil
  • Ops&StartUp
  • Petro&Lubes
  • ProcessDesign
  • R&DTech
  • Refining&Coke
  • Safety
  • David H. Vahlsing has extensive petroleum industry and consulting experience, with emphasis on process design, technology evaluation, project scoping and oversight of project teams. Dave developed and applied his professional expertise at various locations within Sunoco, Inc and subsidiaries, including the Toledo refinery, the Central Engineering Department, the Toronto headquarters of Suncor and in R&D, and since with HEA and Becht Engineering. He was the Central Engineering expert in HF Alkylation, Isomerization, treating of crude and refinery projects where he also supervised the Process Design and computer support groups. He has evaluated many licensed technologies for use in Sunoco’s refinery
    Read More
    • Petro&Lubes
    • ProcessDesign
    • R&DTech
    • Refining&Coke
  • Harry A. Adams worked for BP Oil (formerly The Standard Oil Co. of Ohio)  in R & D for many years and served as  Process Technology Manager for BP's worldwide petroleum coking operations. Following his retirement from BP, he has been a coking consultant serving many clients throughout the USA as well as in Canada, Indonesia, Kuwait, Brazil, India, Switzerland, and Argentina. Successfully supported a client that does coke cutting on a contract basis in resolving a performance dispute between the client’s customer and the client. An excessively hard coke was unacceptably increasing coke cutting time. The issue was quickly
    Read More
    • Petro&Lubes
  • JOHN D. BARRY, PE John D. Barry has over 30 years experience in process design and development in the petroleum refining and chemicals industries. His experience includes full-scale and pilot plant processes, HAZOP analysis, and facility start-up. His skills include P&ID and PFD development, process simulation using ASPEN, HYSIS, and PRO/II, mass and energy balances, equipment sizing, selection, and costing using HTRI, AFT Fathom, and Icarus, hydraulic calculations, physical property and VLE estimation, and relief device sizing and rating. Petroleum Refining  As Senior Process Engineer (contractual basis) on-site in an east coast refinery, he conducted a detailed study of existing amine
    Read More
    • ProcessDesign
    • R&DTech
  • Joseph C. Bell has over ten years experience developing new technologies and transferring results into manufacturing processes. Joe is skilled in researching new products, optimizing and validating process operations, devising solutions to engineering problems and providing customer service. He has led project teams though the entire development cycle beginning with initial concept and lab experiments to engineering design and construction and ultimately to process operation. His experience includes particle technology, processing slurries, solids drying, polymer chemistry developing coatings, supercritical fluid applications, electrochemical processes, surface phenomena designing electrochemical processes, and researching heterogeneous systems. As a Process Development Team Leader with PPT
    Read More
    • Ops&StartUp
    • R&DTech
  • Senior Technical Advisor – Catalyst Formulation and PerformanceManoj V. Bhinde has over 30 years experience in Refining and Petrochemicals Processes. His experience includes research, development, conceptual process design, licensing, evaluation, technology transfer, due diligence, and intellectual property management. He has an extensive background in refining/chemical processes involving catalysts, adsorbents, trace contaminants, reactors, complex chemical reactions, challenging process conditions, demonstrations at laboratory and pilot plant scale, scale-up, and process economics. He is an expert in Catalysts for and Reaction Engineering of a variety of processes involving Hydrogenation, Oxidation, Alkylation, Isomerization, Hydroprocessing, Condensation and Fluorination reactions. Technology Specialist/Principal Engineer, Sunoco, Inc., Marcus Hook, PA Developed and patented processing options to
    Read More
  • Frederick W. Camp, a founding principal of HEA, has technical, operations, and management experience in chemical engineering. A seasoned generalist, Dr. Camp's forte is application of engineering theory and principles to solving practical development and operational problems. His special areas of expertise include process development, design, and scaleup; oil sands extraction and processing; economic analysis; design and analysis of experiments; mathematical modeling; and strategic technology planning. He joined the R&D Department of Sunoco, Inc. in 1962 and advanced through positions of increasing managerial and technical responsibility over the succeeding 30 years, retiring in 1991. During 1964-5, he was appointed group
    Read More
    • Chem&BioFuels
    • Petro&Lubes
    • R&DTech
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